Actual programmes

When talking about a classical music concert, the piano-cello pair is always a favorite of the audience.
The different sounds and tones of the instruments come together wonderfully.
The dense sound and wide range of the piano creates a brilliant unity with the lyric and smooth tone of
the cello. The virtuosic characteristic of both instruments always promises an exciting performance.

We offer three different shows.
One consists of pieces by Hungarian composers, another contains all the chamber music composed by
Mendelssohn for piano and cello, and the third is show of a wide variety of musical periods and styles
from the baroque to the 20th century.

In the Hungarian program melodies from the folk-song collecting days of Bartók and Kodály would
fill the air first. Then two shorter pieces of Ferenc Liszt would be followed by works of lesser known
but still remarkable composers – Dávid Popper, Sándor Veress, Ernő Dohnányi just to name a few.

Our Mendelssohn program includes two lengthy sonatas, a theme and variations piece and two cello
performance pieces. The show is full of emotions and is rich in beautiful melodies.

Our third program that overarches musical periods and styles includes works from the baroque,
classical, romantic eras as well as from the 20th century. For this show we can compile the program
more freely as our large repertoire allows us many choices.
All members of the audience will find something for their taste.

All three shows are approximately 80 minutes in length. We can perform them with or without

A Duó

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