The duo

When talking about a classical music concert, the piano-cello pair is always a favorite of the audience.
The different sounds and tones of the instruments come together wonderfully.
The dense sound and wide range of the piano creates a brilliant unity with the lyric and  smooth tone of the cello.
The virtuosic characteristic of both instruments always promises an exciting performance.

The artists’ acquaintance dates back to 2005, when they were both studying in Miskolc.
Their work together has gathered great interest early on and they have given numerous concerts in the years since then with the help of Philharmonia East-Hungary Non-profit Llc. They have played at the
Community Hall of Erzsébetváros, the Klebelsberg Hall of Culture, Cultural Center of Marczibányi Square, the Glass Hall of the Palace of Arts, Budapest, the Törley Salon and many other locations. Since spring 2009 they have fulfilled many invitations abroad, including the Hungarian Institute of Paris, the Hungarian Institute of Sofia, Nagybánya, at the Teleki Home in Kassa, Slovakia, in the Löffler Béla Museum in Kassa, Slovakia.
They have also performed in France in the cities of Tours, Angers, Trellieres, St.Florent Le Viel, Mont Louis sur Loire, Fécamp and Amboise.
Their professors: Miklós Perényi, Zoltán Kocsis, János Rolla, László Mező
Duo Dezső-Kiss

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